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Ask the Expert Question-and-Answer Archive (Wastewater Treatment)

by Mike McGinness, EcoShield Environmental Systems, Inc.
January, 2003

Will MP&M effect me?

Q. We are a "existing point source" job shop, for "zinc only on low carbon steel". We discharge over >10,000 gpd of electroplating effluent [average analytical results for three day comp. ph=9.33,(cd)=.019,chromium(T)=1.00, nickel=.078,(zc)=2.00 to the treatment plant here in Nashville, Tn. every 24 hours. How will the EPAs "new" effluent limitations guidelines effect this operation after Febuary,14 2003.If the EPA follows the D.C. courts instructions, layed out Nov.11, 2002?

A. From what I have read recently (and as I recall) if you are already regulated as a metal finisher the EPAs currently, and most recently stated opinion was that the final rule would leave your situation unchanged. Obviously this is only conjecture on their part part until the final rule is in print as the final rule.



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