Historical Articles, September, 1924

MONTHLY REVIEW, Published by the American Electroplaters’ Society, ONEIDA, NEW YORK Editor’s Office, 16b Willow Pirate, Sherrill, New York, VOL XI, SEPTEMBER. 1924 No. 9.


The Supreme Secretary has from time to time requests from manufacturers for names of competent platers who are out of work and often ask for prompt reply.

If a member, when out of work, would advise the Supreme Secretary with full data pertaining to his qualifications, etc., this office will have on hand a list that can be selected from, according to class of position open.

At present there is a large band instrument company in the Middle West who wants an expert gold and silver plater who can handle production work and who knows his solution. Your branch Secretary has the name of this concern,

Yours very truly,

E. J. MUSICK, Supreme Sec’y-Treas.


Membership Greetings:

I wish at this time to call your attention to the importance of your Research Committee and its relation to the Society, the Bureau of Standards and the things necessary to make it function to our interests; also a few remarks on the personnel of this Important Committee.

In view of the important work that many of the members of our society are doing in the different plants wherein they are employed, it seems that it would be possible to observe many things of vital importance to the advancement of the art of plating if the members would report them to the chairman of the Research Committee, who in turn could bring them up in the conferences held at fall and spring meetings at the Bureau for discussion and re search.

The meeting this fall at the Bureau of Standards will soon be announced by Dr. Blum, and every individual member of the American Electroplaters Society is welcome to attend, and branches that are financially able, are urged to send a representative, the larger the attendance we have, the more weight our industry will have with the Bureau, as the interest displayed by us in the accomplishments of the Bureau along lines of research in plating is the best way he has of increasing the efforts of the Bureau along these lines. The many findings of the chemists at the Bureau, under direction of Dr. Blum, in past has been so material in advancement of this industry that the American Electroplaters Society should have at least one member from each branch to attend the fall meeting. Remember, Dr. Blum called up on us in our home cities last fall and spring with his excellent lecture. Can we not return the visit?

The Research Committee consists of Mr. R. L. Shepperd of Detroit Branch, Chairman; S. E. Hedden, Pittsburgh Branch, and Past president Philip Uhl of Philadelphia Branch, none of whom need any introduction to you, as all have been contributors to our REVIEW in the past, and want you all to help them to make more history now.

Whatever you may see your way clear to do in assisting this committee with their work, without interference with your work or business, will be greatly appreciated not only by Dr. Blum, myself and the committee, but by every member of the American Electroplaters Society; and as some writer has said:

The clock of life is wound but once,

And no man has the power

To tell just when the hands will stop--

At late or early hour.

Now is the only time you own;

Live, Love, toil with a will;

Place no faith in "Tomorrow," for

The clock may then be still.

F. J. HANLON, Supreme President.


Saturday 22nd, November, 1924, at Mosebach’s Hall

Arrangements are made for greatest and best Meeting and Banquet.

Exhibits will be shown, papers read by leading Authorities on Plating and Finishing

Good entertainment for the ladies---plenty of prizes and souvenirs.

Philadelphia Branch invites you there.




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