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September, 1953 issue of Plating



... For Creative Achievement

A REVIEW of the contemporary crop of isms shows the undesirable results of their tampering with the objective findings of scientific groups. The presence of such a recent lesson gives added emphasis to the danger inherent in the apparent attempt to pressure a favorable report out of the highly respected National Bureau of Standards.

In a resolution adopted at Philadelphia recently, the American Electroplaters’ Society recognized such a challenging peril. The Society’s Delegates deplored ”the unfortunate reflection on the integrity of both the director of the Bureau of Standards and the Bureau of Standards staff of scientists contained in the unwarranted dismissal and subsequent clouded reinstatement of Dr. Allen V. Astin, and urged not only that the results of a thorough impartial investigation be made public as soon as possible but also that prompt congressional consideration be given to legislation designed to minimize the possibility in the future of similar actions, so devastating with regard to personnel morale and Bureau prestige.”

By this action, the voice of the A. E. S. membership is added to the already voluminous protests of other technical groups— voices calling for the preservation of intellectual freedom, one of the fundamental freedoms necessary for creative achievement.

Al Korbelak



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