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October, 1953 issue of Plating



A. E. S. Executive Board ”TUNES IN” . . .

FULLY AWARE of the importance of ”tuning in” with its organization, the A. E. S. Executive Board this year has embarked on a program of increased mutual understanding.

The first step was taken on August 21. At that time the Board invited National Headquarters’ staff to ”tune in” on a full day’s meeting which involved frank, open discussion about Headquarters’ work and problems.
It is natural for people to appreciate being invited to ”tune in” on facts about their organization and business, for proper ”tuning in” prevents the reception of wrongly directed ”broadcasts” of resentment which may be all too readily received in days of stress.

So impressed with the favorable results of this meeting and the spirit of the National Office staff, the Board proposed similar meetings from time to time.

Here was good public relations in action. This ”tuning in” process proved one important thing to staff personnel participating: The Board was truly interested in them and their welfare. It proved, also, that the Board wanted to understand and to be understood.

Good public relations, like charity, starts at home. The healthy attitude of concern by the Executive Board augurs well for the future of the A. E. S. It marks the beginning of a new era of Society-wide public relations and increased understanding.

P. Peter Kovatis



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