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November, 1954 issue of Plating



Will You Give a Minute to Your Society?

THE philosophy of membership promotion in the AES is simple. It consists in bringing the advantages of membership to the attention of suitable prospects. Those who are really interested and will profit thereby, will join.

It is not necessary to discuss here the many benefits and advantages of membership in the AES.

However, it is a fundamental fact that membership growth is necessary for a stronger Society that is to expand and increase its services to its members and the industry.

The important thing then is to reach these suitable prospects. Who are they? Where are they? Should we ”appoint a committee” or appeal to the members-at-large? It seems to me that the answer ”in ourselves doth lie.”

Would you, therefore, take a minute to fill out the card that appears on the preceding page with the Reader Service Card and mail it to AES Headquarters? They, in turn, will send out literature and have the prospect’s name put on the mailing list of his nearest branch to receive meeting notices. There will be no ”high pressure” salesmanship. Your name will not be mentioned.
Certainly, there must be someone you know in the field who would profit by association with the AES, by attending meetings and by ultimately joining the Society. It is a fact that many people have not joined because they have never been asked!

Your small effort multiplied by 6429 will have impressive results.

Give your Society a minute of your time by filling out and mailing the card—NOW!



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