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July, 1953 issue of Plating



Never Too Soon

THE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL technical sessions at the recent Annual Meeting of the Society were the result of the untiring efforts of the various committees, the authors and others. Contributing, in part, to this success was the early start on paper preparation that was made by the authors. Such a start permitted a full discussion on the manuscripts between the authors and the Editorial Board members which helped to make each paper an outstanding one. A high caliber of technical material for the 1954 sessions will be assured by a repetition of this successful pattern.

Many members in “the field of electroplating and of finishing of metals and of allied arts” must have had some process problem which has been solved by a novel procedure. Such experiences are the core of highly valuable technical papers. The actual writing of manuscripts requires, in some cases, the added preparation of charts, tables and other illustrative material. The months will pass by hurriedly and in some instances result in the loss of a good paper because of the insufficient amount of time remaining.

Accordingly, this early call is made—it is never too soon to prepare and submit papers for the New York Convention. The Editorial Board is now accepting papers for that Meeting and will continue to do so until January 15, 1954.

Al Korbelak




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