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December, 1924

We are again almost at the close of another year and within our Society it has made history and progress, I fully believe at least in proportion to what we have put into it, and as to the measure of our accomplishment along that line, it will, perhaps, be just as well at this time if I leave the rank and file of our membership reflect individually upon the scope their own efforts to help push our good work along.

What a wonderful opportunity we have had, and have we made the most of it during the year closing, for afterall the measure and extent in which members in our Society can enjoy the fruits of their field depends entirely upon the fullness of his cooperation with, and contribution to others, and remember too while we ponder upon the subject that we have at our disposal the ability and knowledge of a thousand fellow workers.

If our success has not been all we might expect very likely the fault is not of the Society, but might be traced to our own reluctance in accepting revealed processes because they may have differed somewhat from our accustomed practice, particularly when these new and revealed processes are based upon definite scientific facts, we are then in the position of those people in (1564-1642) who scorned Galilee, and again in (1511-1553) Servetus was held up to ridicule and scorn for his advanced thought and revealed the methods of prescribing drugs for patients which afterward became general, I might cite other instances in the progress of Science in nearly all lines where all advancement at first was held as ridiculous but are accepted truths today, therefore it is largely a question of where do we stand, have we allowed the curtain of knowledge to raise or drop all the way, and are we really all the way out of our shell.

A complete and full analysis of ourselves on the eve of a New Year will show where we have been remis and open the way for better accomplishments, hence the intent of the captain in the title of my Message this Month, are you behind or in front, just contemplate seriously and make appropriate resolutions for the New Year.

For life talents and Fame
Are given to us in trust
And each must work with the gifts he has
Until returns are achieved thus
And this is the spirit that governs all
Since this is the common test
That he who would covet the best the Society has
Must give the Society his best.

With this message I wish you one and all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.


Supreme Pres.



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