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August, 1954 issue of Plating



Looking Ahead to 1955

Speaking on behalf of the AES, our many friends and guests who attended the successful New York convention, I say sincerely what is in the hearts of all—”Thanks a million” to the hardworking New York Branch for a truly wonderful convention.

Every successful meeting does not ”just happen.” It takes years of planning and skillful administration by the Host branch. Already, as the echoes of the 41st convention fade over Manhattan, next year’s program is being mapped out.

Our twins of 1955, the 42nd Annual Convention and the 4th Industrial Finishing Exposition will be held in Cleveland and again will offer simultaneously an integrated educational program and an industrial exhibit covering the metal finishing field.

We all recognize the fact that our industrial growth toward higher-quality products at lower unit costs and the extension of our technology into new fields are the results of a well coordinated research, development, and mass production processes. Without the stimuli of research motivated by individual and company financial reward in a free and competitive economy, our industrial progress will become stagnant.

The many contributions from our members in advancing the science of electroplating and metal finishing at educational sessions of conventions and in PLATING assure our industry a rosy future. The combination of technical papers and their discussion, in addition to exhibits of production equipment and supplies, offers us and potential members a great opportunity for technical advancement.

Our Society is proud to offer this exposition at irregular intervals in conjunction with a convention for maximum benefit to both exhibitor and member alike. Thus, with an eye toward 1955, we sincerely hope that you, too, will start making plans for another successful convention and exposition. . . this time in Cleveland.

Ralph A Schaefer
AES President



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