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Holy cow!
It’s the Inspector!

Holy Cow!Before this happens to you, take the STERC’s Inspection Survival Course for Metal Finishers.

  • It’s an interactive multi-media course (audio track and slides) delivered over the Internet.

  • It’s a fun way to learn. Take it at your own speed.

  • It’s got a wealth of information, but it’s also got real-life examples from metal finishers like you who have survived their own inspections.

The Inspection Survival Course will teach you:

  • why you will be inspected

  • how to prepare

  • what to do and say during the inspection, and

  • what to do after the inspector leaves

The course also includes a valuable on-line reference library that gives you quick access to the specific regulations for your state.

For more information, call or email
George Cushnie
, 434-286-7781.

Please note: We recommend taking the course with a fast connection such as DSL, cable or T1. Although it is possible to view the course with a modem connection, you will probably experience delays as you download the audio files which can make for a less favorable experience. SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time period, there is a $20 rebate for those who provide us with an evaluation of the course.




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