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Hard Chrome Plating Training

Hard Chrome Plating Training Course coming June 2010!!!

STERC is publishing a Hard Chrome Plating Training Course this spring. This 168 page text and accompanying video are excellent tools for both new and advanced electroplaters. Numerous topics are covered including process chemistry, testing, plating equipment, plating methods, troubleshooting, bath maintenance, health and safety, and pollution prevention. This course has been written and reviewed by experts from OEMs, job shops, aerospace companies, equipment suppliers, consulting firms, and military depots.

If you are just starting out in hard chrome plating, or if you are an experienced chrome plater but would like a better understanding of the principles behind the process, this course is for you.

This course covers chrome plating in a different way. Good information sources are available for engineers and for chemists. But there are few references that have been written particularly for the people who have to load the racks and set the controls, or for those responsible for making sure the job is being done right.

The course is divided into eight sections. Following each section is a short quiz. An accompanying interactive video contains additional information and quizzes.

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Table of Contents:
Section 1: Course Overview
Section 2: Introduction To Hard Chrome Plating
Section 3: Process Chemistry And Equipment
Section 4: Plating Procedures
Section 5: Troubleshooting
Section 6: Plating Bath Impurities And Treatment Technologies
Section 7: Health And Safety
Section 8: Pollution Prevention

Appendix 1: Answers to Quizzes
Appendix 2: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Appendix 3: Reverse Etch
Appendix 4: Calculation of Surface Area
Appendix 5: Plating Parts Using a Plating Log
Appendix 6: Amps vs. Volts
Appendix 7: Troubleshooting
Appendix 8: Conversion of Degrees Baume to Concentrate for Chromic Acid
Appendix 9: Tracking Down Voltage Drops
Appendix 10: Conversion of Units
Appendix 11: Glossary

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