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Identify which finishing processes are present at your shop by placing a check in the "Rack" and/or "Barrel" column.

rack / barrelrack / barrel
Anodizing, Chromic Passivation
Anodizing, Hardcoat Phosphate Coating
Anodizing, Sulfuric Pickling
Black Chrome Plating on Plastics
Blackening, Antiquing Rhodium
Black Nickel Silver
Black Oxide Tin
Brass Tin-Lead
Bronze Tin-Nickel
Cadmium Zinc
Chromate Zinc/Cobalt
Chrome, Decorative Zinc/Iron
Chrome, Hard Zinc/Nickel
Copper Zinc/Tin
Nickel, Decorative
Nickel, Electroless
Nickel, Industrial
Oxidizing, Decorative

Identify which finishing processes are present at your shop:

Abrasive Blasting Mechanical Plating Brush Plating
Chemical Milling Polishing or Buffing
Electrodeposition Powder Coating
Electroforming Printed Circuit Boards
Etching Solid Film Lubricants
Lacquering Spray Painting
Mass Finishing Vacuum Coating




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