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Ask the Expert Question-and-Answer Archive
(Hard Chrome Plating)

by Randy Taylor, Advanced Tooling Corporation.
December, 2006

Chrome Plating Course

Q. My name is James and I would like to know if there is a school that teaches chrome plating? In utah where I am at there aren't any local chrome shops. I would like to start a small chrome/fab shop. I've seen the process done, but there is alot of technical information I am having a hard time researching. I would appricate your help or advice.

A. Yes, there are several plating courses available. Begin by investigation the organizations and text and training references below. Most courses in "electroplating" cover a variety of topics. A general "electroplating" course is an excellent way to get started. Specific training in "hard chrome" is a complex process and specialized training is available on a more restricted basis. Good luck.

Consider scheduling an on site visit to a modern hard chrome facility, and take part in a 1 day presentation and information session. This would allow you a chance to learn something about the "hard chrome" process before moving forward. Contact Advanced Tooling Corporation for more information. (1-440-632-0572)

The following information was taken from an "Ask the expert" column from several years ago. Most are still available.


Metal Finishing Weekly email bulletin. []

Hard Chrome Plating Consultants Inc. has a good, hands-on, practical training manual for hard chrome plating.

Hardbound textbooks available:

- "Metals Handbook, Ninth Edition, Volume 5: Surface Cleaning, Finishing and Coating", published by American Society for Metals, 1982. Hyman Chessin wrote the excellent chapter on Hard Chromium Plating.

- "Electroplating - Fundamentals of Surface Finishing", Frederick A. Lowenheim, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1978.

- "Nickel and Chromium Plating, Second Edition", J.K. Dennis and T.E. Such, Butterworth & Company (Great Britain), 1986.

- "Electroplating and Related Processes", J.B. Mohler, Chemical Publishing Company, 1969.

- "The Handbook of Hard Chromium Plating", Robert K. Guffie, Gardner Publications, Inc., 1986.

- "Heavy Deposition", J.D. Greenwood, Robert Draper Ltd. (Great Britain), 1970.

There must be over a hundred good articles that have appeared in Plating & Surface Finishing magazine, Metal Finishing magazine and Products Finishing magazine.





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