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Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies for Plating Operations

Section 2 - General Waste Reduction Practices


Section 2 covers general waste reduction practices. The implementation of these practices is considered the first step in an effective pollution control program. These methods are relatively inexpensive to implement and they reduce the need for more expensive recovery, recycle and treatment technologies. The effective implementation of waste reduction practices requires an organized and efficient approach; otherwise, the effects will be isolated within the shop and will have little impact on overall recovery or compliance goals. Within the past five years, a significant effort has been made by EPA and industry to establish guidelines for the effective implementation of waste reduction practices. Some key elements of those guidelines are presented in Section 2.2. A large number of potential waste reduction practices have been identified from the literature search and the Users Survey. These practices, which have been categorized into three groups, are reviewed in Sections 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 and summary tables are presented at the end of this section. The three groups of waste reduction practices are:

  • Good Operating Practices
  • Drag-Out Loss Reduction
  • Rinse Water Reduction

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