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Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies for Plating Operations

Appendix C - List of Abbreviations

AR acid retardation (acid sorption)
BOD bio-chemical oxygen demand
cfm cubic feet per minute
CWT commercial waste treatment
d day
DC direct current
DTC dimethyldithiocarbamates
ED electrodialysis
EOP end-of-pipe
eq/l equivalents per liter
EV evaporation
EW electrowinning
g grams
g/hr grams per hour
g/l grams per liter
gal gallons
gfd gallons per square foot of filter area per day
gph gallons per hour
gpm gallons per minute
gpd gallons per day
hp horse power
ft feet
ft2 square feet
ft3 cubic feet
HCD high current density
IF ion flotation
IT ion transfer
IX ion exchange
hr hour
in. inches
kg kilogram
kW kilowatt
KWh kilowatt-hour
l liter
lb pound
lbs pounds
lb/ft pounds/foot
LCD low current density
m meter
m2 square meter
ME membrane electrolysis

MF microfiltration
mg milligram
mg/l milligrams per liter
min minute
mth month
µmho micromhos
O&M operating and maintenance
oz ounce
PPA Pollution Prevention Act
ppm parts per million
psi pound per square inch
RCRA Resource Consevation and Recovery Act
RFIE reciprocating flow ion exchange
RO reverse osmosis
SIE selective ion exchange
TDS total dissolved solids
TSS total suspended solids
TTO total toxic organics
UF ultrafiltration
wk week
yr year

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