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Get help with your problems from the experts at STERC by asking them your question. Or visit question-and-answer archives to find solutions to common problems that others have encountered.

Randy Taylor

Hard Chrome Platers: Get your hard chrome plating questions answered by expert Randy Taylor. Our Ask the Expert feature and get your problem solved. Mr. Taylor will try to answer your technical, environmental or equipment-related hard chrome plating questions.
[Ask the Expert, Hard Chrome Plating] [Q & A Archive]

Mike McGinness

Mike McGinness. Wastewater treatment expert Mike McGinness, of EcoShield Environmental Systems, Inc., will answer your wastewater treatment, wastewater recycling, and rinsewater pretreatement questions. Find out more about Mr. McGinness and get your wastewater questions answered by visiting his page today.
[Ask the Expert, Wastewater Treatment] [Q & A Archive]

Jolie Zak

Joelie Zak. Regulatory compliance expert Joelie Zak, of Scientific Control Labs is available to answer your TRI reporting questions, including questions concerning the recently lowered reporting thresholds on lead. Find out if your company now has to report by visiting her page and posing your question.
[Ask the Expert, TRI] [Q & A Archive]


George Cushnie

Pollution Prevention: Get your pollution prevention questions answered by expert George Cushnie.  His P2 experience can help you save money, reduce waste and improve compliance.  Mr. Cushnie will try to answer your equipment, process questions by drawing on 30 years of experience in the metal finishing field. [Ask the Expert, Pollution Prevention] [Q & A Archive]


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